TeraMach Managed Cloud Exchange

TeraMach's Cloudx enables our clients to consume cloud services through multiple cloud providers with transparency, agility and reliable private network connectivity. TeraMach Cloudx o ers centralized cloud consumption billing and performance reporting and provides managed, secure, high-performance WAN connectivity to the cloud and your business partner community. Cloudx o ers direct interconnectivity with dedicated bandwidth to public cloud solutions o ering IaaS, PaaS and SaaS (such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform and leading SaaS solutions) and enables you to centralize your WAN; delivering a powerful network fabric to bring you and your business communities closer to the cloud edge. Empowering you to deliver continuous value for your own customers.

Solving Enterprise Operational Complexity with Cloudx Today, your IT department is spending too much time and e ort managing complex and disparate cloud provider solutions. What's more, you are probably struggling with the performance issues connecting through the public internet and the lack of operational transparency around solution performance and consumption.

TeraMach's Cloudx solves these issues by o ering advanced connectivity, designed to create a flexible, high-performance, low latency network fabric and consolidated management of all cloud services; where cloud consumption, billing and reporting, performance and availability are monitored and managed transparently through the Cloudx platform.